Even though this essay should focus on how attending Harvard will affect you throughout your life, it is important to be able to mention specific things about the university that will facilitate your success.

Harvard University Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide

college admission essay harvard

Saying that you want to attend Harvard because their graduates earn more money on average is a pretty poor strategy, even if you try to college admission essay harvard the case that building up your wealth first will allow you to make larger changes in society. The same goes for prestige. These are horrible ways to convince admissions officers of your interest, college admission essay harvard.

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college admission essay harvard

This prompt is perfect for you to display your intellectual prowess. Admissions officers love to see that you are committed to your interests and passionate about your future field. For example, if you decided to concentrate in a STEM field after being a research assistant in a neuroscience lab, this prompt is a great place to elucidate your experience. Another route you may take is to describe an intellectual experience outside of your comfort zone, college admission essay harvard.

Finally, keep in mind the message you are trying to relay throughout your application. Here is a chance to showcase your softer qualities of compassion and self-reflection. Throughout life, we have all encountered instances where we have a choice between honesty and dishonesty. For this essay, though, you must make sure that your experience is uncommon enough to draw in your reader. For example, college admission essay harvard, if your teacher once gave you college admission essay harvard points on a test due to a calculation error and you brought it to their attention, this essay is not for you.

These are important questions you must answer by taking your reader on an exploratory journey through your writing. This is a fairly generic question you may need to answer more than once during your experience with the college application process, so it is good to have college admission essay harvard firm grasp on your response anyway. Harvard anticipates investing their time and effort into you, and they want to know what they will receive college admission essay harvard return.

More importantly, be sure college admission essay harvard also highlight how these cultures have both shaped you perhaps the fast-paced lifestyle of Southern California inspired you to be more daring and discover new passions.



At first glance, a simple list of books seems very impersonal, and it deprives your ability to use your own voice and tell stories about your own life and experiences. However, if you are an avid reader, college admission essay harvard, this could be a good prompt to address.

What would you do to contribute to the lives of your classmates in advancing this mission? This prompt should tell you that Harvard holds leaders in high regard.

Keep in mind, though, that your Harvard supplement should highlight aspects of your profile not covered very much in the rest of your application. For this prompt, Harvard asks for a list, but it does not prohibit any commentary on the books you have read. If you have some sort of original not taken from the Internet! If a book had an abnormally profound impact on you, talk about it and how it changed you as a person. In fact, unless your list is exceptionally interesting because of how unique and different your book choices are i.

Ask yourself: How did Spanish architecture shape your understanding of their culture, and what does it say about your own? How do the hunting and dietary practices you experienced in India shape how you feel about what you consume today? Be sure to be accurate in your depictions of other cultures and the impacts they have had on your life and outlook. For example, if you have lived half of your life in rural England and the other half in Los Angeles, elaborate on how interpersonal relations, manners, and even daily life differs between the two places.

Perhaps college admission essay harvard travel experience made you see flaws in your own hometown or nation, and you resolved to be a force for good. As always, be sure to show and not tell. This prompt runs the risk of producing some very similar essays. Most people like generic things like chocolate and sleep, so try to focus on things more personal.

The point of this essay is not to make you preach about the importance of honesty, but college admission essay harvard to force you to show a more complete understanding of the concept and its importance. If it took a lie to make you grasp the concept of honesty, college admission essay harvard, be honest about it and tell the story. The most effective answers to this prompt will detail situations where the choices presented to the author are morally ambiguous. The subsequent analysis of how the author reasoned through the situation are what make this essay come to life.

Writing the Essays College admission essay harvard circumstances in your life. As long as your essay shows who you are and the ways in which your unusual circumstances have influenced you, then you will be on your way to answering this prompt effectively. For this prompt, be specific in terms of how your experience changed your outlook. Express and focus on what specifically shifted in your relationships, perspective, and family life as a result of your nomadic lifestyle, and share anecdotes to show what changed.

Ask yourself: What types of internship opportunities, research projects, curriculum styles, and activities within Harvard interest me? If the research points you gather align with your essay topic, feel free to mention them, and, more importantly, demonstrate why they fit you! Second, you want to try to convey some sort of curiosity to Harvard — whether that curiosity is academic, intellectual, extracurricular, or philosophical.

This helps readers better picture you on their campus, college admission essay harvard, which is always a plus. Stories of growth, maturation, and lessons learned can distinguish you in a genuine way from other applicants in the eyes of admissions officers. Use real examples! Among the biggest priorities of Harvard College is to build future leaders and innovators that will change the world. Harvard encourages its students to be well-rounded and driven, ready to take on a rapidly changing globe.

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Details are key — the more you can include, the more your essay will come to life. It is important to note that the goal of this essay should not be to gain sympathy in the form of an acceptance letter.

For example, if your English teacher required you to write a lengthy paper about a topic far outside of your typical engineering realm, and as a result you discovered a passion for medieval English literature, revealing this juxtaposition of seemingly separate interests by highlighting the depths to which you explored this new topic can cause the admissions officer to do a double take in a good way!

This prompt is aimed at students whose travels have had a significant impact on their personal lives and growth. If you have an experience to fit this niche, it might be a good idea to write to this prompt. Be sure to make your story personal rather than a simple itinerary. Make sure to elaborate on college admission essay harvard the places impacted you, college admission essay harvard.

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Lastly, making yourself sound like the perfect human being does not sound impressive — it sounds disingenuous. On the other hand, if you focus mostly on your negative qualities, college admission essay harvard, so will the admissions officer.

If you led a team of reporters at your school newspaper to pressure your school administration into releasing salary data, you may have come to the right place, college admission essay harvard. It is okay to talk about an instance in which you lied, so long as you show steps you made to rectify the lie and improve your integrity.

By asking this question, they are really asking you what kind of person you plan to be after graduation, as you will be representing the school during not only your brief years of study, but also for a lifetime. Never imply that your degree from Harvard or any prestigious institution is worthwhile because of future financial gain.


While you are definitely allowed to tell a sad story in your essay, the main takeaway from your writing should be your personal strengths and qualities. Even if the story is sad, allow your essay to end on a note of optimism or advancement.

Harvard students, for the most part, are really passionate about something; you want to convey how you will also contribute to that pool. Finally, college admission essay harvard, the university specifically looks for genuinely good people. Expressing a sense of college admission essay harvard or regard for humanity in the essay is a strong plus for the Harvard adcom.

Talk about how you want to expand voting rights or change the immigration system in your career. Rather, talk about what problems in cardiology you are passionate about and whyand link your pursuit of fixing those problems to your degree. This prompt is perhaps the most intimidating of them all due to its simplicity. However, it is doable — CollegeVine students are accepted every year having chosen this essay prompt.

As long as you show how you think and how your experience shaped your intellectual development, there are little boundaries. Whatever the experience you choose may be, make sure that you can trace an impact from it. Harvard cares about growth and advancement, and so these themes must be central to your essay. How did your experience mature your interests or intellectual development? How did writing that paper change how you problem-solve? How does that research project affect your future aspirations?

Just college admission essay harvard sure to be wary of the lie you choose to write about. Colleges take these offenses extremely seriously, college admission essay harvard, and academic integrity violations almost always end in expulsion. Last but not least, go beyond the story. Rather than explicitly discussing the concept of honesty on a literal level, use a compelling story as a vehicle to prove your point.

While travel and exploring new places is fun, always make sure this essay relays back to you and your growth.

Another example of a is one in which your Activities List is full of leadership positions perhaps you are heavily involved in MUN or debatebut your essay illuminates your insecurities with getting up in front of a room full college admission essay harvard people or managing others — this can be a candid way to humanize yourself for readers. To give admissions officers a well-rounded, authentic picture of you, use this essay to highlight new attributes about yourself, different from those highlighted in your Common Application Essay.

Talk about how the skills and lessons you will learn from the Institute of Politics and the Government Program will help you use your degree to the fullest. Specificity is key here! It is important to not only know specifics about the school but about your field as well. Any student can write about their passion for law, but only you can write about why you want to be a civil rights attorney, college admission essay harvard.


Then, reflect how that growth will translate into real-world success. For example, if you want to pursue a Government concentration while at Harvard, do some research on their program. Discussing how the Institute of Politics will help mold you as a debater and a student of the social sciences is far more effective than simply saying that you know they have a good program. Then, go further, college admission essay harvard.

Aug 24,  · Right away, you may have noticed that the Harvard essay doesn’t have a specific word count. While in theory that means you could submit a page dissertation as your Harvard supplement, in practice what we’ve seen is that most successful Harvard essays tend to be anywhere from words. See my Common App, personal essays, and recommendation letters, and learn strategies for your own college application. My Successful Harvard Application (Complete Common App + Supplement) Here's the COMPLETE application that got me into every school I applied to, including Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton. Jul 06,  · 10 Successful Harvard Application Essays With the top applicants from every high school applying to the best schools in the country, it's important to have an edge in your college application. These are 10 Harvard application essays and profiles from students who made it .

Go beyond name dropping programs or activities, and deepen your understanding of how an education at Harvard will be beneficial to your personal growth, college admission essay harvard.

First: Is the Harvard essay optional? To clear the air, at CollegeVine, we advise our students to take every opportunity available to showcase themselves on their applications. Read more about why you should write the optional Harvard supplement essay. A good guideline to follow is that your essay should be about a page long when written in point Times New Roman font, single-spaced. The essay would use your passion as an organizing tool to reflect on your interesting experiences in pursuing an unusual hobby, as well as highlighting your involvement in your community in a very unique way.