Before the elections some senior members of the INC were forced to resign because they questioned the leadership of Sonia Gandhi. These people have created the National Congress Party to participate in elections. There were other parties, which were established after independence, and, for some period, were challenging the continuous rule of the Congress, some of them were almost vanished from the political arena.


Some of the state parties in south India were established by former movie actors. National Parties National parties are political parties which participate in different elections held all over India. In was established in as a pro-British Indian organization. Until the Congress was a stable party.

Politics Politics of India India is the largest democracy in the world. India has the biggest number of people with franchise rights and the largest number of political parties, which take part in election campaign. In the national elections, almost million people voted and an average of 26 candidates competed for each of the territorial constituency seats. Elections are held at different levels. The two major election levels are at national level, after which the national government is established and at state level after which the state government is established.

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On this day the Constitution of India came into force. Today India is a federation of 28 states and 7 union territories and formally this federation is known as a Union. Nominally the head of the country is the President in whom all executive powers are vested, but the real administrator of the country is the Prime Minister.

Of these members are elected by state legislatures and about 15 are nominated by the President. Unlike the Lower House, the Upper House cannot be dissolved, but one third of its members resign every two years. Most of the parliamentary activities, passing laws, no-confidence votes, budget bills, take place in the Lower House.


Even when the Shiv Sena won the state elections in Maharashtra, write essay on indian politics, Bal Thakarey handled the establishment of the state government but did not appoint himself as the Chief Minister but appointed someone else for this post.

While others demand more autonomy for their cultures within the Indian states. Some demanded autonomous states within the Indian Union, while the others demanded to be independent from India. But a number of political problems still exist and remain unsolved in India. Political administration of India India is a democracy. Before its independence its future leaders chose the liberal democratic system as the administration system of India.

Members, who split from larger parties, established some of these parties. For example in the s, Lok Dal was established by people who split from the Indian National Congress. Write essay on indian politics Party of India Marxist write essay on indian politics established after the split in Communist Party of India and there are other such examples.

In case the government resigns because of any reason, the President can call the other candidate write essay on indian politics form the government, write essay on indian politics. The President can also declare, according to government advice, on new elections and if necessary an emergency state. The President has the right to be updated about crucial government matters and other rights like giving amnesty to prisoners etc. According to the Constitution, elections are to be held once in every five years, unless the parliament dissolves earlier or on the other hand, write essay on indian politics, emergency is declared and in such a case parliament can continue another year, write essay on indian politics.


In the Indian way of life religion plays an important role and the basis of our day-to-day life is religion. Political leaders right from the beginning felt that if there is any possibility of retaining unity in India, it should be by remaining secular. 📚 Indian Politics - essay example for free Newyorkessays - database with more than college essays for studying 】 We will write a custom essay sample on. Indian Politics. or any similar topic specifically for you. Do Not Waste Your Time HIRE WRITER. Only $ 90 / page. List of Essays on Indian Politics Hindi Essay # 1 भारतीय स्वशासन: विकास एवं स्वरूप | Indian Self-Government: Development and Nature. 1. प्रस्तावना । 2. भारतीय स्वशासन का स्वरूप एवं कार्य विभाजन ।.

In the federal relations between the state and central government, the central government has more authority on state matters than the state government. For example the central government has the right to redistribute the state borders without consulting the state governments on this matter, write essay on indian politics. And so the government in that state is dissolved, which means an emergency rule is declared and sometimes if necessary the army is put to work in that state. Even though the Constitution determinates the rights of the different authorities in the administration process, there can be other pressures like strong lobbies or strong political parties, which, write essay on indian politics, sometimes determinate the real administration process.


Sometimes the authority implemented by the President is questioned by the government or by political parties as deviation from his constitutional rights as the nominal head of the Union. Political parties in India The Indian political parties are categorized into two main types. National level parties and state level parties. National parties are political parties which, participate in different elections all over India. State parties write essay on indian politics regional write essay on indian politics are political parties which, participate in different elections but only within one state.

Elections are also held for city, town and village councils. There are different political issues in Indian politics. Some are national level and some regional level. Some communities just demand more economical and social rights for their communities.

There are some small communist parties who participate only within one state. Some states have more than one state party. Because of these long party names many party names are abbreviated to their initials.

The Indian Parliament consists of two houses. In the national elections candidates are chosen for the Lower House. The candidates are elected in territorial constituencies. There are territorial constituencies. The Upper House, Rajya Sabha, consists of up to members.

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Some states have two Houses and some only one House. The Lower House where most of the legislature activities happen is called the Vidhan Sabha. The state elections are held every five years unless the state government is write essay on indian politics earlier. In these elections members for the Lower House are elected. Head of a state is called Chief Minister, who is member of the Lower House. Constitutionally the figurehead of the state is the Governor, who is appointed by the President according to the advice of the national government.


Many of the large national parties have a pre-election agreement with smaller parties on joint candidates in some constituencies. This candidate belongs to one of the parties and the other party supports this candidate. This is done to prevent a possibility of parties, with common national agenda or common state agenda, nominate their own different candidates causing the splitting of the votes of their write essay on indian politics and so losing the constituency to the rival wing.

From this period the Congress lost its stability. Some of the veteran members of the Congress did not accept her leadership and they tried to dispose her. In the Congress split and her opponents established a new Congress part. But still INC was the largest and ruling party of India. A few months after the defeat, another split happened in the Congress party. The party of Write essay on indian politics Gandhi was called Congress Ithe initial denoting of her name.

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After the national elections are held the President calls the most suitable candidate to form a government, known as the central government. Normally this candidate is the head of the largest party in the parliament.

Janata Party was the first political party in India to establish a non-Congress government when it won the elections.

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Write essay on indian politics very few cases the larger parties also support independent candidates. Another feature unique to Indian politics is the high number of film actors who join the Indian politics. The Indian cinema produces films in different languages.

In Indian politics, write essay on indian politics are political parties in which one person pulls all the strings. Indira Gandhi for some period was in complete control of her party, write essay on indian politics. Her party was also named, Congress Indira. Shiv Sena is dominated by Bal Thakarey, write essay on indian politics.

Some of these parties, like the Shiv Sena in which one person pulls all the strings, have their stronghold in the public not because of their leader but because of party ideology. While other parties are completely dependable on the respect the leader of the party has in the public. One such party is Samata Party and its leader is George Fernandes. Another such party was Lok Shakti and its leader was Ramakrishna Hegde.

During this period many more splits and coalitions occurred within the different Congress parties. Some of these new party members including its founders returned later on to the Congress I party and the party was renamed Indian National Congress. But there are others who left the INC at different periods and established parties outside the fold of Congress and have a name Congress in their party name.

The first political party which, was seen as challenging the Congress continuous rule was Swatantra Party. It was established in and was supported by some big businessmen. It opposed the socialism policy of the Congress It had members in the Lok Sabha until Another party, write essay on indian politics, which challenged the Congress party but later on almost vanished from the political arena, was Janata Party.

These two Houses together write essay on indian politics the state legislatures also elect the President. The states have their own legislatures.

The largest and the most popular film industry is the Hindi language film industry. Many national parties recruit Hindi movie actors in their parties. While many state parties with state chauvinism attract local film industry actors in their parties. These actors do not only appear along side with the party politicians to attract the mob towards the politicians gatherings, but they even participate as candidates in elections.

In Indian politics there are also many independent candidates. These candidates participate in election constituencies independently without the support of any party.

After the state elections the governor calls for the suitable candidate to form the government. In general the governor has more legislative rights at state level than the President has at national level. The governor can call on early elections in the state, or fire the government if he thinks that the government has failed or is unstable.